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Top Tips for Renting A Luxury Car In Dubai
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During either business travels or vacation, you may be interested in renting a luxury vehicle in Dubai. With up to six lanes on the highway, an advanced road network, and stunning scenery, Dubai offers drivers an experience unlike anywhere else. At the same time, renters should take caution when choosing a luxury rental company. Here are some of the most common pitfalls.

Security Deposit Release

Depending on your make and model, luxury rentals in Dubai generally command security deposits anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 AED. These funds are automatically released back onto your credit card after 21 days, but some brokers in Dubai are known to keep security deposits. For this reason, renting from a reputable company is paramount.

Cash Security Deposits

As a best practice, luxury car renters in Dubai should avoid using cash when making their security deposit payment. Reputable companies will encourage renters to use their credit card. In doing so, renters are afforded an opportunity to dispute faulty charges. If you use cash to make a security deposit on a luxury car in Dubai, you could lessen the likelihood of reimbursement.

Vehicle Delivery

High end luxury car rental services in Dubai offer fast vehicle delivery. Unfortunately, less reputable companies have a tendency to make false promises about the exact vehicle that will be delivered. At the time of delivery, renters are surprised to find a different vehicle than they anticipated. Only by using a reputable company can you avoid this common pitfall.

Closing Remarks

Are you in the market for a luxury car rental in Dubai? Luxury Super Car Rentals Dubai offers trusted rental services for individuals traveling on business and pleasure alike. No matter what your luxury car rental needs are, we guarantee that you’ll have an amazing travel experience.

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