September 6, 2021

Dubai is the smallest of all United Emirates having scenic beauty indulging its tourists from all over the globe to visualize UAE as an easy-to-go dream place. UAE’s shopping malls and high-rises fantasize the tourists to drive their car or luxury car-rental on the wide roads of Dubai because the public transport in Dubai is still being under-developed. Indeed, Dubai as a glorious metropolitan city built on the Persian Gulf is a paradise for tourists from all parts of the world. Though various car-rentals provide you unparalleled services to enhance your travel experience and allow you cheap supercar hire to travel across Dubai, there are several things tourists should never do while hitting the roads of UAE for a fun-filled luxury voyage across Dubai. Here are some of the top important measures to take while driving in Dubai even when you go for cheap supercar hires.

Avoid Close Driving with Other Vehicles on the Road

Always avoid close driving to the cars that are already being driven on the road in front of you. The reason is that if the car in front of you stops with a sudden jerk, you may not be in the position of suddenly stopping your car by applying the brakes immediately. It may result in an accident of any intensity. It can also result in paying you a penalty of 400 AED as fine or the traffic police can also add 4 black points on your license as a bad record. So, drive wisely.

Never Speed Up your Car on the Roads Adjacent to Cities and Towns

UAE traffic police count high speed on towns as well as cities’ roads as a serious violation of the traffic rules. Your vehicle can be impounded as the punishment of speeding your car up on roads. Dubai’s new traffic rule fines 300 Dirham to the driver of the vehicle if you are going on the speed of more than 80km/h.

Don’t Switch Off Your Car’s Headlights

Always turn on your headlights and never switch them off. People are having the mentality that if they can see the road, there is no need to use the car’s headlights. This is a wrong perspective if you are driving on the roads of Dubai. Beware of the people who don’t even dare to turn their car’s headlights on when it’s dawn. They endanger others’ lives as well as their own.

Avoid Offending Hand Gestures Even When You Be Offended

As a little bit conservative country, because it strictly follows the religious norms and rules the country is based on, Dubai finds many hand gestures as an offensive and insolent way even if you wish to amp the thrill. In other countries, it is okay if you are feeling displeased with someone doing wrong driving tricks, but it is not okay in Dubai to offend someone with wrong hand gestures while driving.

Try Not to Compete Gulf Trucks

Never try to compete with the trucks driven throughout the Gulf. There may be a possibility of exploding the truck when you’re trying to over-take it because truck drivers work almost 24 hours a day and feel exhausted which results in an explosion of vehicles. So, stay away from Gulf trucks as much as possible.

Avoid Hitting Dubai Roads If You’re Unskilled

Reckless non-professional drivers risk their lives as well as others’ precious time and lives when hit the roads. Though there are monitoring radars at every road of Dubai, still be aware of those drivers heading their vehicles to nowhere, just nothingness. If you are one of those, never try to hit the road especially highways and roads near populated towns and cities. Your thrill can cause many hindrances on the road even for professional drivers including a serious roadaccident.

Avoid Violation of Traffic Lights’ Rule

Never try to run the red traffic light no matters how to hurry you’re in if you plan for a long term car rental. Wait for the light to turn orange and then green which means that you can ready to move your vehicle ahead to reach your destination. If you are found violating the traffic lights’ rules, you will be liable to pay 1000 AED as well as 12 black points on your license. If you run a red traffic light and your car meets an accident, you will pay 3000 Darham fine along with a prison sentence if you risk someone’s life.

Never Dare to Drive Under Alcohol’s Influence

Never dare to drive under the influence of Alcohol. Even European countries don’t allow it while you’re about to hit the road. As Dubai is an Islamic country having an implementation of all Sharia laws, so it comes under one of the prohibitions to drive under the influence of Alcohol. Dubai traffic police take serious action on the violation of this traffic rule leading the driver to pay a fine of 20,000 AED along with the impounding of car for 60 days. The driver’s license is also added with 23 black points as a record. If a driver’s negligence caused serious road accidents or hitting someone or something, he or she can be punished with a prison sentence.

Don’t Use Your Mobile phoneWhile Driving

Drivers who check their mobile phones from time to time while driving their cars cause serious harm on the roads to other vehicles or people. Doing so while driving on one of the roads of Dubai will get you in trouble by paying a fine of almost 800 AED and if spotted many times, there will be an addition of 4 black points in driver’s license.

Avoid Driving a Car When You’re Tired

Driving while getting tired is a risky and daunting task to do on the roads of Dubai. Hitting every bit on the road while you’re under the influence of exhaustion and anxiety may end up in a serious accident. When feeling sleepy, drivers usually show slower reactions at times and risk the security factor of others, fellow drivers, on the road.

So, if Dubai is your dream destination to witness its scenic beauty and high-rise buildings, take note of these precautions in your long-term car rentals never to do in Dubai, otherwise, a single violation will disrupt your vacation and take you down in serious trouble.