Rolls Royce Dawn

AED 4500  Per Day
  • Price/Day: AED 4500
  • Security Amount: AED 5000
  • Accepted In: Credit Card , Debit Card , Cash
  • Year: 2020
  • Color: White
  • Engine: V12
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Doors: 2
  • Seating Capacity: 4
12 / 100

The Rolls Royce Dawn is an emblem of spontaneity. Crafted to empower the free spirit. Dawn is for those who take off at a moment’s notice, going wherever the road leads. It is for the individual who will never be tied down. With Dawn, let inspiration guide you.

It has been known for some while that Rolls-Royce planned a drophead four-seater. Simplistically, many expected it would be a roofless Wraith. The reality is more complicated, as 80% of the body panels on the new Rolls-Royce Dawn are unique to the model. The closer you look, the fewer the resemblances to the Wraith; the grille is recessed by 45mm whilst the lower front bumper has been extended 53mm, focusing the eye on the jet air intake face and drawing attention towards the rear shoulders, emphasising the car’s sweeping lines. It’s elegant without being soft, a confident, pure and sporting drophead that will stand the test of time.

Rolls-Royce scorns the ‘2+2’ description for Dawn, maintaining that there’s enough room in the rear seats for two adults to travel in comfort. Design Director Giles Taylor describes the interior of a Rolls-Royce as a ‘social space’ – and there’s no second-class compartment. Four cosseting seats nestle within a ‘slingshot’ of wood and leather that wraps around the interior. The long coach doors allow passengers to disembark with elegance, and even the tyres have been specially developed to deliver the magic carpet ‘waft’ that the Dawn’s owners will expect.

True to Rolls-Royce tradition, Dawn features a fabric roof. But it also had to deliver a hushed driving experience. So the roof is exceptionally well insulated, making it the quietest convertible car in the world. It can also be operated at up to 30mph, raising or lowering in 22 seconds in a ‘silent ballet’ of precisely timed movements.

*The price will not include extra 5% VAT.

* If you make a payment by a credit/debit card, 3% transaction fee will be charged.

*If you make a payment by an American express card, 5% transaction fee will be charged.


Luxury Supercar is the leading car rental company located in Business Bay, Dubai to meet all your luxury rental car needs. We promise to provide our customers with comprehensive options of Rolls Royce to choose from and full-fill their desire to drive a Rolls-Royce Dawn on the streets of Dubai. Rolls-Royce Dawn is the most preferred by business professionals and leisure users due to its exceptional luxury and smooth drive. At Luxury Supercar we are committed to offer you an exceptional best price for Rolls-Royce Dawn rental.

If you are looking for an high-end luxury and outstanding performance, Rolls-Royce is the perfect choice for you! Rolls-Royce brand itself is well-known for its “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament and design making it a symbol of high-end luxury, wealth and power. Combined with fast acceleration and smooth handling, Rolls-Royce features the latest technology with best-in-class safety features.

Rolls-Royce is one of the car brands that compliments Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle. If you are looking to live Dubai’s luxury life, Rolls-Royce is the car for you. It allows you to enjoy a smooth drive, comfortable ride and full compact power.

Luxury Supercar commits to provide best service and value for money when it comes to renting Rolls-Royce in Dubai and across UAE. Through our luxury range of Rolls-Royce our customers can browse through different available models on our website at the ease of just one click. 


Is Rolls-Royce worth renting in Dubai?
With Dubai’s easy-to-use highway system, driving Rolls-Royce has become the most preferred by many and made Rolls-Royce worthwhile during your stay. Be it a business trip or vacation with friends and family, Rolls-Royce provides the prestige and comfort to fulfill your trip with comfort and style.
How many different models of Rolls-Royce cars are available to rent by Luxury Supercar?
Be it Rolls-Royce Ghost, Wraith, Dawn, or Cullinan, Luxury Supercar strives to provide you the best range of modes with different engine sizes and colors to choose from to enhance your style further. You can now drive in style by giving a high-end impression of luxury and opulence. 
Is renting a Rolls-Royce car in Dubai affordable?
Unlike how many people would assume, renting Rolls-Royce is certainly affordable. If compared with renting economy cars, luxury cars would be high! But here at Luxury Supercar we offer the most competitive prices in Dubai making it affordable for our customers. Renting a modern Rolls-Royce would range approximately between AED 3000 to AED 4500 per day, including free mileage limit and also free delivery or pickup depending on the locations within Dubai.
What is the mileage limit? What happens if I exceed it?
The standard mileage limit ranges between 250 km and 300 km per day, however it varies depending on the model of car. We can also offer customized mileage as per your requirement depending on the rental period. Extra mileage cost implies depending on the mileage amount if the customer exceeds the provided mileage limit.
Would Rolls-Royce be a good choice for me if I am on a business trip?
Rolls-Royce is known to be a symbol of prestige and luxury class, making it a perfect choice for business and corporate professionals. You can sit back, relax and impress your clients or business associates with this luxurious car. 
Is Rolls-Royce a good option for families visiting Dubai?
Rolls-Royce is not a symbol of luxury but also provides the ease of comfort, safety and enough space to accommodate your family. Whether you are heading for shopping to Dubai Mall or planning a sightseeing, Rolls-Royce models provide a comfortable ride making it the best choice for a family vacation.  
Documents required to rent a Rolls-Royce in Dubai?
If you are Dubai Resident, you would require UAE driver’s license and Emirates ID. Non-residents and tourists visiting Dubai would require a passport, valid visa and home country/international driving license. The minimum age requirement in Dubai is 21 years. 
Is insurance required to rent a Rolls-Royce car in Dubai?
Even though when renting Rolls-Royce in Dubai the car does come with basic insurance providing protection against damage from third parties. If you are looking to have comprehensive insurance and cover in case the accident is caused by you, customers can also take out a Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). In order to claim the insurance the accident needs to be reported to the police.
What are the fuel policies?
Even though the Rolls-Royce car will come with fuel, the customers will be responsible for further top-up. Fuel required would depend on the length of your journey, with petrol stations spread wide across in Dubai filling fuel easily accessible. 
What services are not included in the rental price?
Violation of traffic regulations would result in traffic fines which will be customers responsibility. As Dubai has mostly paid-parking services, so the car parking charges will also not be included in the rental price and be the customers responsibility. In addition, the use of Salik toll gates requires AED 5 per passage, which can be deducted from the security deposit.
Can you recommend some places to visit in Dubai?
Dubai is one stop for all tourist attractions. Our team at Luxury Supercar would be more than happy to recommend and guide you for the best attractions. You can choose from the luxurious shopping malls with all high-end brands to choose from, the beautiful beaches with variety of activities or the best cuisines to enjoy and beautiful evenings with some great tasting food. Be it daytime activity or the happening nightlife, Dubai has it all for you. And to make the experience better don’t forget to rent your Rolls-Royce and enhance your stay further.
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Automatic climatisation
  • Bluetooth
  • Central locking
  • Electric heated seats
  • Electric side mirror
  • Electric windows
  • Hands-free kit
  • Head-up display
  • Isofix
  • Leather seats
  • LED headlights
  • Navigation system
  • Power Assisted Steering
  • Sports package
  • Start-stop system
  • Sunroof
The Rolls Royce Dawn is an emblem of spontaneity. Crafted to empower the free spirit. Dawn is for those who take off at a moment’s notice, going wherever the road leads. It is for the individual who will never be tied down. With Dawn, let inspiration guide you.

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