Do you already own a dream car that would look good in our fleet? Turn your passion into a working asset and be an investor with serious investment potential. We can customise agreements to suit your driving and investment needs. How? by being flexible and open to creating an arrangement which would suit both parties. If you prefer to keep your car at home, we will only collect it when it has been hired. If you’re still keen to take your car for a drive on weekends, we can come up with a plan that can accommodate all your needs. Because of how we manage our business some of our current investors enjoy returns on their investment (ROI), anything from 11% to 21%.

We only seek individuals or companies with personalities which suit our own business outlook and have long term views on their invested assets.

All types of European supercars, performance vehicles, luxury and high-end sportscars will be considered.

Minimum monthly guarantees are often offered, for the right vehicles.

We can even guide you towards a money maker if you simply have the desire to invest in a vehicle.

Take advantage of our industry contacts and snap up a working asset.