Lamborghini Huracan Coupe

Rent Lamborghini Huracan Coupe – The ultimate driving experience is guaranteed!

The Huracán Coupé was designed for exceptional performance. It features all the performance and acceleration of a naturally aspirated V-10 engine, but without giving up control or pleasure behind the wheel. All of this is possible because of the all-wheel drive system and the 7-speed Lamborghini Doppia Frizione (LDF) dual-clutch gearbox, as well as the innovative Piattaforma IHosnerziale Lamborghini (LPI), which enables for precise and real-time detection of all immediate adjustments of the setup of the car as well as the movements of the chassis.

The Lamborghini Dinamica Veicolo Integrata (LDVI) system, perhaps the most significant innovation, is what truly stands out. The car’s electronic brain is constantly monitoring not only the present condition of the automobile, but also the driver’s actions, and it uses that data to alter the coupe to best fit the situation. According on Lamborghini, “The car ‘feeds forward’ as opposed to other driver’s aids.” Instead of reacting to what’s occurring and attempting to repair it, the vehicle anticipates what will occur and prevents it.


Does offer any additional services?

With your rental vehicle, you can also request for a chauffeur and baby seat.

How can I rent a car from

Simply choose the automobile you’re interested in and send us a WhatsApp message to inquire about it. Our live chat representative will help you with the necessary paperwork. You will acquire the vehicle within an hour after we receive your paperwork and payment.

What does the rental price cover?

250kms/full fuel tank, basic comprehensive insurance, free delivery and pick up anywhere in Dubai.

  • Sporty and dynamic appearance
  • Electronic Stability Control (ABS and TCS integrated)
  • Electro-mechanical assisted power steering
  • Driver, passenger and side airgbags
  • Front and rear specific collapsible areas
  • Side protection system
  • Rearview camera
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • Start/stop technology
  • Front and rear parking sensors
  • Heated seats
  • LED lighting
  • Cruise control
  • 3-inch digital screen
  • Sensonum ten-speaker premium sound system
  • Engine: 5.2-liter mid-mounted V-10
  • Horsepower: 630 hp
  • Torque: 442 lb-ft
  • Fuel consumption: Combined: 14,6 l/100km (WLTP); CO2-emissions combined: 365 g/km (WLTP)
  • Displacement: 204 cm3 (317.57 cu in)
  • Transmission: seven-speed dual-clutch
  • Electronically controlled all-wheel drive system (Haldex gen. V)
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