Mercedes Brabus G63 800 Widestar

Rent and drive Mercedes Brabus model in Dubai, UAE for AED 5000 /day. Rental cost includes basic comprehensive insurance and standard mileage limit (AED 10 per additional km applicable). A security deposit of AED 5000 is required. The Brabus 700 Widestar package is specially made for motor enthusiasts. The product includes an exterior body kit that enhances the styling of the high-performance G-Class. Brabus package gives the G63 an extra width of 4 inches, thanks to its extended wheel arches. The hood has been revised as well and it is defined by its dual vents. The performance increase is complemented by a new exhaust system. Mercedes Brabus is the car of the dream for any driver who is looking for style, design and Comfort. 

*The price will not include an extra 5% VAT.

* If you make a payment by a credit/debit card, 3% transaction fee will be charged.

*If you make a payment by an American Express card, 5% transaction fee will be charged.

If you are looking for high-end luxury and outstanding performance, Mercedes is the perfect choice for you! Mercedes brand itself is well-known for its “Spirit of Ecstasy” ornament and design making it a symbol of high-end luxury, wealth, and power. Combined with fast acceleration and smooth handling, Mercedes features the latest technology with best-in-class safety features.

Mercedes is one of the car brands that complement Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle. If you are looking to live Dubai’s luxury life, Mercedes is the car for you. It allows you to enjoy a smooth drive, a comfortable ride, and full compact power.

Luxury Supercar commits to provide best service and value for money when it comes to renting Mercedes in Dubai and across UAE. Through our luxury range of Mercedes, our customers can browse through different available models on our website with the ease of just one click.

  • Alarm system
  • Automatic air conditioning
  • Bluetooth
  • Central locking
  • Cloth seats
  • Electric side mirror
  • Electric windows
  • Hands-free kit
  • Power-Assisted Steering
  • Xenon headlights
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