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Why are Ferraris so expensive? Find out what goes into making one of the most expensive cars in the world
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Since the brand’s inception, Ferraris have been considered one of the best cars in the world. With their sleek, refined appearance and iconic colours, Ferrari has created an unparalleled famed legacy that continues to hold its weight across the globe. It’s no wonder that everyone wants one!

When you look at the price tag of a Ferrari, it will have a lot of people scratching their heads wondering why they’re so expensive. However, Ferraris are more than just cars. Considering they represent power, speed and fun and act as the symbol of class and wealth, there are several reasons behind the price tag. Let’s discuss why:

Ferraris have a higher cost of materials and manual labour

Every part of a Ferrari’s interior and exterior, ranging from the gear knob to the brakes to the bonnet is made entirely differently to any other mass-market car. With exotic leather interior and carbon fibre parts, the Ferrari is created to not only be driven, but to be noted as a work of art.

Unlike mass-market cars that follow an automated process, Ferrari uses production stations that require skilled professionals to design the car meticulously, resulting in higher manual labour costs due to the level of expertise workers have. There are several videos online that showcase the time and effort that is undertaken by Ferrari workers to ensure perfection.

Ferrari also uses superior materials for every single car component. From the suspension to the Italian leather, everything is made with strong, quality materials. This is also reflected in the design of the car. With Ferrari a model for high luxury fashion, this is reflected in the cost.

There are only a limited amount of Ferraris in the world

One key way that Ferrari ensures that the price tag attached to the car is justified, is through keeping production low. A version of quality over quantity, Ferrari invests immense time and labour into each single car. This low supply allows Ferraris to stay rare on the market and ensures that people are always fascinated when they’ve seen one in person.

A testament to their rarity is seen in 2017, when Porsche created 246,000 vehicles, whilst Ferrari only put out 8, 398. The stark difference in numbers shows how tightly Ferrari limits their output to ensure that each car is created over a long period of time for optimum quality.

Ferrari invest a lot into creating a story

Heritage, longevity of the brand and history all play a huge role in how desirable a brand looks. When Ferrari was created in the 1940’s, they were able to build an incredible backstory that has established an emotional connection with their fans.

Now, millions of motorsports and racing fans around the world admire Ferrari for their speed and design, due to their production of racing cars that are used for the Scuderia Ferrari racing team. Known well for their participation in the Formula 1 championship, Ferrari are known for their speed too.

There is no denying that Ferrari has achieved iconic status. Their beautifully crafted cars are meticulously designed to perfection, to not only provide a rare comfort, but speed and a status that is undeniable.

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